Sustainable renovations
without worries & within budget.
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A world class mortgage experience for lenders. Calculate, make reports and exceed expectations.

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Real Estate

Software designed for the innovative real estate agent! Explore more about our app.

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Detailed Renovations Cost Estimation

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Energy Efficiency Analysis

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Comprehensive Renovation Report

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Reliable insights in renovation projects

Setle is an all-in-one renovation app that helps to optimize budgets and plan a renovation process in line with the European sustainable transition requirements.

With real-time data and user-friendly features, Setle empowers renovators to make better decisions and create transparency.

A cutting-edge software

Designed to streamline and empower the renovation planning process for both property owners, buyers, real estate agents and banks. 

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Empowering informed decision making

Comprehensive insights for smarter, more confident financial decision making.

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Improving accuracy and reducing risks

Enhancing precision and mitigating risks with innovative solutions and reliable data.

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Enhancing customer satisfaction

Building stronger relationships through exceptional service and personalized experiences.

Unlocking the future of renovations

Setle emerges as a game changer in a fast developing real estate and banking sector where sustainability and efficiency are crucial. 

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Tailored sustainable solutions

Sustainability is more than a buzzword; it's a requirement. Setle places sustainability at the heart of its operations, providing a one-of-a-kind ESG-tool and ECO-calculator.

Future-proof investments

Renovations are investments, and Setle makes certain that these investments are future-proof. Users are better prepared to deal with changing market demands and regulations by including sustainability solutions.

Seamless collaboration

Renovations involve a wide range of parties, from property owners to real estate agents, contractors and financial organizations. Setle's platform enables a smooth cooperation.

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From energy efficiency to maximizing property budget, Setle makes ESG renovations worry-free.